The Same


Hey there!

I did see your hate posts,

Going around;

Urging a violent upsurge,

To bring the problem down.


But, the problem here:

Isn’t in the community, religion,

Or caste;

Rather in the mind, the head,

The heart.

It lies within us.


Why don’t you get it?


Hurting someone else,

Doesn’t heal your pain;

Killing a sinner,

Makes you no saint!


It only narrows down the differences,

Makes you –

Just the same.

  •  – Ishaan Phukan

Papier-mâché man


Flawed and outworn,

Chiseled from a hundred rejections;

Sheer disgrace- transformed into,

A graciously impeccable perfection!

Torn and crushed,

And born again;

Hardened from the inside- by a feeling,

Vile and vain!

Once, I was paper thin, today-

Am a papier-mâché man;

Yesterday was a weaker me, now-

Stronger and firmer, I stand!

I’ll seldom last forever and that- I know,

Only too well;

Yet living for the moment, ahead I stride on-

(For destiny shall unfurl,


And no tide shall remain,


But of my transience:

Only time shall tell….

  • -Ishaan Phukan





The screech,

The scream,

The spasm,

It was happening all over again,

Only this time,

I was witnessing it first-hand.


The pain so intense,

That my limbs have started-

To numb out!

My vision ebbing away,

Just like the air-

In my lungs.


The time turning agonizingly-

Slow, as the crowd,

Huddles around- staring,

At me, as if-

I were some peculiar insect,

Rapidly, changing its colors.


I want to scream out,

Real loud;

For help,

And then.

My intuition hits me.


How many times had I seen,

Such an incident unfold-before me,

And I had only joined the crowd,


 Merely stare on;


Silently accept,

What was wrong- but,

Now the sides have changed:


I was the wood;

And Karma,

Was the flame.

I was now the victim,

Of my own cold game.


I try to get up,

I fall back down,

I frown,

But nobody’s coming around,

I scream,

I shout,

I struggle-

I swear,

 I can feel the approaching trouble,

As my insides turn,

To rubbery rubble.

How could it be,

That my fate was closing in on me,

And then, these words,

I recall:

“As you sow,

So shall you reap.”


I wake up,

To a vast serenity of white,

Was I in heaven?

Something just didn’t feel, right!

I kinda felt,

More alive;

Then I remember,

The last time;

Before I died.


Just then,

The Doc walks in,

And tells me,

That it was real,


I had survived,

A stranger had saved my life,

Brought me to this hospital,

In time.


I asked,

‘Where was he?

I needed to thank him,

Cause without him,

I would have been another numbered coffin.

In the morgue’,

But the doctor says,

He’s gone,

But he’s left a message:

Dear friend,

It doesn’t kill,

To lend a hand you see,

To be a lil’ more human,

Then you have ever been!


-Ishaan Phukan








Just One Shot



The whole world turns into a blur,

Into shades of yellow, neon and black,

Flashes of memories,

Twists and swirls in the head;

Uncontrolled feelings,

Bursts of anger, remorse and regret.

The newfound confidence,

And the enormous hope you get;

Is it not awesome,

Isn’t it the reason why you fret?

A shot,

Just one shot,

Is it not what you told every single day;

For the inner peace,

Is it not what you said?

And oh my!

Look at you today;

At the most peaceful stage,

Aren’t ye?

As in your coffin you lay.

Still and unemotional,

Unaware of the tears,

Your loved ones shed;

For when the chips were down,

You always fled!

Just one shot,

Followed by another;

The awesome highness,

Followed by a regretful hangover.

Sucked in,

Deeper and deeper into a lonely void;

Until at the cliff of death,

You stood.

You screamed,

But none heard;

You cried,

But none cared;

And only then,

Did you realize!

That to yourself and everyone else,

You were none,

But an unknown infidel,

Gaping through the darkness,

With a ton of regrets,

But it was already too late,

The time had been long gone!

All you could do now,

Was lament on fate,

On the cost of just another shot,

Which you paid with death!


                              –Ishaan Phukan


Eye Game



Let’s not talk today;
For a change,

You know, everyone’s shifting shades recently,
And those faces have begun to change with every turn;
So, forgive me for asking,
But, How deep does your love run?

Does the glimpse of my cleavage,
Satiate your thirst,
Or do you yearn,
To peek deeper?

Do your eyes stop,
At the hemline of my shorts;
Or the desire to delve into forbidden territory,
Still persist?

Don’t use words to mend my broken heart,
Please don’t dare try;
For I am too fed up,
Of your sweet white lies.

You know, they told me,
You have got dangerous eyes;
And, I only thought of myself as a vixen,
Expecting myself to dance into your melody,
And still survive.

this was the best mistake I’ve made;






Our World



Human civilization,

At the pinnacle of progress;

The pace of innovation,

At an all-time best!

The Chinese –striving to be better,

Than the rest,

While the Americans,

Line up for their IPhone X!

The Indians –aiming,

For the stars;

Meanwhile Italy banks –

On faster cars!

Israel finessin’

Their weapon tech;

As North Korea envisions,

A nuclear wreck!

The world going gaga,

Over Kendall, Kylie and Kim;

And Trump –

Well, never mind him.

But beyond this glamour and shine,

Shall you find,

A world, in which:

The water is rising,

We’re losing our ground;

Spoiling our soil,

Which the chemicals we found.

The rivers are,

Slowly shrinking;

And whatever’s left of it,

Isn’t even fit for drinking!

The carbon dioxide is,

At an all-time high;

With every passing day,

Our temperatures rise.

The atmosphere –poisoned,

By smoke and smog;

Our lungs have already started to clog.

The society we built,

On the ruins of others,

Is cavin’ in;

Karma hitting back at us,

For our own ruthless sins!

Hurricane Katrina,

Which blew off all hopes;

The Japanese earthquake,

Shaking everyone to their very core!

The Sumatran Tsunami,

Which swept away millions,

Typhoon Nina,

Causing losses of billions –

Of dollars!

Yet, we never learn,

Do we?

And don’t dare forget,

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy;

Or, the Dioxin cloud of Sevesso;

For they stand as evidence,

Of our stubborn mockery!

The people are dying,

My friend,

The people are dying!

And everything –

 Is fallin’ apart,

Our monuments,

Tearing in through our own hearts!

 It ain’t about your nation,

Or mine, for the fact;

It’s about our world,

In which we need to coexist peacefully,

So, I think –

 We can do better than that!


  • Ishaan Phukan

Unintended Utopian






She was a nice girl,

The innocent kind of attractive,

In whose jet black eyes –

One can delve and forget,

Of the moments that whizzed past,

Pretty fast!


The kind,

Who speaks more with looks,

 Than words,

But trust me,

She is quite good,

At whatever she does!


Lost –somewhere deep,

In fairy tales, love stories,

And happy endings;

Someone who didn’t really hate wild make outs,

But, was more,

Into romantic dates and picture perfect weddings.



She wasn’t strikingly hot;

Rather, she fit in more into,

The elegantly beautiful kind of genre;

In whom, you just might,

Rediscover yourself.


And then,

Into the scene,

Enter me.


Well, me –

I was different.

I preferred adventures,

Over fairy tales;

Chose random make outs,

Over romantic dates!

More into guts and butts,

Than I was into faith and trust!


I could never even differentiate,

Between love and lust.


In a world, where –

Everyone wanted a perfect match;

We were, but –

A flawless contrast!



Love was what it was,

Or so we thought,

So, we decided to go on,

Against all odds;

Ignorant –of the stakes,

That we risked losing,

If we ever tend to fall!



It was quite smooth,

Almost magical.

I fell for her eyes,

And that tantalizing smile,

Also the shy smirk,

That you try so hard to curb,

Always failing –miserably so.


I totally loved the conversations,

As she expressed in soft whispers,

And sharp shrills;

Or the way,

She bit her lips,

Pulling up a perplexed poked face,

Trying to fool her jack,

For aces!


Everything was as impeccable,

As a fairytale,

And then…


And then,

Hit the desperate desire,

Creepin’ in,

As in a slow poison,

That seeps into the bloodstream,

Numbing all the senses out!


Her touch,

Began to take me places,

Charging me up,

With sensations,

That I hadn’t felt,

In ages!


My past,

Came crashing on me;

Dragging me back-

To the desires,

That I had buried so deep.


Over time,

My interests changed.

Her curves took priority’

Over her words;

It got harder for her,

 To keep pace with my rush!


To keep myself going,

I lied;

We fought,

She tried –

To set stuff, right.

Yet, it only kept,

Breaking down;

Over and over again!

Driftin’ off a lil’ more,

Every time we did;

Until we were,

Two known strangers,

Trying hard to keep afloat!


And then,

 I let it go!


It did hurt, yes!

But, atleast –

We made it out,



I did have a chance,

As fate made me,

And this Unintended Utopian –meet;

       Yet, I lost the love,

That I intended to keep!

  •                                                                                 – Ishaan Phukan

Social Media Emotions


Faithlessly fallin’-

Tumbling downwards,

Sans control,

Into a void of lost hope and tragedy.



Fadin’ in,

And out,

Over and over again;

Into the flickering light,

Of uncertain change.


Looks quite dark,

Doesn’t it?

Atleast that is what I try,

To portray!

For negativity,

Is what they crave,

And their likes,

Is what I need!

This symbiotic affection,

Has surely got me gripped!


These social media emotions,

They are in my head,

Rooted deep,

Into my system!

Slowly –pushing,

Everything out,

Growing on me,

On my thoughts,

And shrinking –my world,

Into a suffocating dungeon!


Filling me in,

With so much of myself,

That it is almost,

Gratifyingly addictive!



I do know,

Of the depressing low that would follow this high,

Pulling me deeper into this puddle,

Of self-obsession;


I can seldom resist,

The desire,

 That tempts me alluringly;

Being to me,

What the calling of the bottle is –

To every alcoholic!


Being irresistibly hooked,

Yet socially accepted,

I can’t even scream for help

Cause nobody ever listens;

So it is only for your sake,

That I voice my call,

Trying desperately to save you,

As I fall!

-Ishaan Phukan



Ice Cold Stares


For every step ahead I surged,

Twice, had I to look back;

For every syllable I spoke,

Had I to fight a hundred thoughts!


Cause I see a thousand eyes –following me;

Judging me, with their ice-cold stares;

Firstly, I freaked out a lil’,

But now, I really don’t care.


For rumors shall come and rumors shall go,

Like a river, oblivious to the harm it causes –it flows;

But me, am a soulful human with emotions –black n white,

If I try to change, as I stranger to myself, might I die!


So, with my fingers crossed and hopes held high;

To ignore the rest and walk the path of destiny –must I try!

‘O’ Blamer


“It was never my fault,

It was yours;

But then –I know,

You’ll never accept it, of course!”


Ain’t this what you said?

Putting all the blame on me –

At the thirteenth hour,

After all the mess was made.


‘O’ blamer, ‘O’ blamer,

So easily did you put all the blame on me;

Of your own faults and mistakes;

Never once did you try to see.

Now, maybe I’ll be punished for a sin I never committed,

In the eyes of all unknown shall my image turn bad;

But I, who were a friend to you for years,

Shall lose all trust on you I ever had!