Tell Me What My Worth Is.

Tell me where my worth lies?
Is it my body,
The face;
My hair,
The eyes?
Cut the chase,
Skip the lies,
Cause I have been through this shit,
For like the hundredth time.
Don’t tell me you like talking to me,
When I can clearly see,
That all you need is a head,
Or maybe a wild night.
Someone to give you the thrills,
The joy ride.
Someone to hook up with,
Someone who can be treated like shit,
But still be there,
Till the end. Dancing –
To your rhythm,
The beat. Grooving –
To your lies,
But believe me, shit has changed,
I am just not your kind,
Anymore, Ever-after.
So, tell me where my worth lies.

A humble request.

– Ishaan Phukan

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