What I am going to talk of now,
Maybe absurdly preposterous;
But if you see what I see,
You would notice a paradox;
Hidden beneath,
The shadows of progress;
All the hollow hype;
Underlying all the social stress.

What if,
I tell you to stop doing,
Whatever you are.

Tell you that it is almost futile.

Don’t react,
And listen,
For a while.

I ain’t no firm believer,
But Buddha got his basics right;
The eight-fold path,
And his words of profound delight.
And of his blissful preachings,
I only borrow a part;
A humble piece,
Of the master’s impeccable art.
The words about greed,
To be precise.

You can go on and on,
Working your life away;
Working harder,
Progressing farther and further,
But the fact is:
Excitement is like the shine,
Which fades away with time.

The car you worked so hard to earn,
Doesn’t feel right no more;
Cause there is a better one,
Behind those showroom doors.
Your dream home,
Needs a replacement too;
Cause Bigger the better,
Now seems just so true.
There are a hundred examples,
And these are but only a few.
But my point is:

It is all a circle.
It all goes round and round,
Around the same white lies;
And excuses,
Bout how happiness is on the other side.
But the fact is,
Happiness ain’t no destination,
But the ride;
It can’t ever be achieved,
But only be realised;
Sans any requisites,
At this very moment,
Without a restraint of space and time.

All you need to do,
Is believe and be humble;
For all the joy you have ever had,
And for the sorrows you have overcome.

For in acceptance,
Lies the glorious victory;
And in humility,
The greatest success.

Now, change is inevitable,
Desirable rather;
So, please don’t take my opinion,
As a calling for laziness to reign.
I desire not to stop the motion,
But only redirect it.

To break the circle,
To set the line.

                                               – Ishaan.

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