Our World



Human civilization,

At the pinnacle of progress;

The pace of innovation,

At an all-time best!

The Chinese –striving to be better,

Than the rest,

While the Americans,

Line up for their IPhone X!

The Indians –aiming,

For the stars;

Meanwhile Italy banks –

On faster cars!

Israel finessin’

Their weapon tech;

As North Korea envisions,

A nuclear wreck!

The world going gaga,

Over Kendall, Kylie and Kim;

And Trump –

Well, never mind him.

But beyond this glamour and shine,

Shall you find,

A world, in which:

The water is rising,

We’re losing our ground;

Spoiling our soil,

Which the chemicals we found.

The rivers are,

Slowly shrinking;

And whatever’s left of it,

Isn’t even fit for drinking!

The carbon dioxide is,

At an all-time high;

With every passing day,

Our temperatures rise.

The atmosphere –poisoned,

By smoke and smog;

Our lungs have already started to clog.

The society we built,

On the ruins of others,

Is cavin’ in;

Karma hitting back at us,

For our own ruthless sins!

Hurricane Katrina,

Which blew off all hopes;

The Japanese earthquake,

Shaking everyone to their very core!

The Sumatran Tsunami,

Which swept away millions,

Typhoon Nina,

Causing losses of billions –

Of dollars!

Yet, we never learn,

Do we?

And don’t dare forget,

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy;

Or, the Dioxin cloud of Sevesso;

For they stand as evidence,

Of our stubborn mockery!

The people are dying,

My friend,

The people are dying!

And everything –

 Is fallin’ apart,

Our monuments,

Tearing in through our own hearts!

 It ain’t about your nation,

Or mine, for the fact;

It’s about our world,

In which we need to coexist peacefully,

So, I think –

 We can do better than that!


  • Ishaan Phukan

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