It’s Time.

I woke up to the news of another rape;
And looking at all the protests that rage,
All around.
Its almost funny,
How nobody gives a damn;
About ahimsa,
And protests and slogans,
That we relay!
And its so easy to say,
‘We are walking for change.’

But, I wonder,
If you have wondered,
That hard;
To notice that,
We are the own counter statement,
To the statements we make.

Why do we watch movies,
Where the woman,
Always gets nabbed?
Why is the hero,
Always a man?
Who the hell to blame?
The shorter clothes,
Or the smaller ‘soch’ ?
Don’t ask the politicians,
Cuz they only do shit for votes.
The police,
Are too busy tryna guard these unholy souls;
As they move from places to place,
With their expensive escorts!
Making promises they don’t intend to keep,
To people who don’t mean,
Nothing to em.
What a shame!
And yet, we line up like fools,
Outside the booth;
Every election day,
Believe on the same shit they say,
Year after year,
Every damned way.
I wonder what to say.

I wonder what to say….

I know,
An eye for an eye,
Ends up making the whole world blind,
But keep using nonviolence,
And we shall all die;
A sad death:
For change that never came,
Progress that still stays the same,
In Gandhi’s name.

But those were different days,
A primitive age,
When Independence was all,
That we used to crave,

But this in a different century,
With lesser lives to spare,
And more rights to care,

I wonder if you are listening,
Cause it’s time;
To play the Sinners in their own game.
Skip the blame,
Start the uprise;
Violence can always be justified,
To stop something that a billion people think,
Isn’t right!
So, I urge you,
To skip the candles;
Raise the voices harder,
And fight.
It’s high time,
Raavana has to Die.
Justice cannot be even delayed,
And not just denied!
There has to be the same fear,
In the eyes,
Of every rapist,
That lies,
In the eyes of every women,
Going out at night.
It’s time.

It’s Time….

~Ishaan Phukan

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