Just One Shot



The whole world turns into a blur,

Into shades of yellow, neon and black,

Flashes of memories,

Twists and swirls in the head;

Uncontrolled feelings,

Bursts of anger, remorse and regret.

The newfound confidence,

And the enormous hope you get;

Is it not awesome,

Isn’t it the reason why you fret?

A shot,

Just one shot,

Is it not what you told every single day;

For the inner peace,

Is it not what you said?

And oh my!

Look at you today;

At the most peaceful stage,

Aren’t ye?

As in your coffin you lay.

Still and unemotional,

Unaware of the tears,

Your loved ones shed;

For when the chips were down,

You always fled!

Just one shot,

Followed by another;

The awesome highness,

Followed by a regretful hangover.

Sucked in,

Deeper and deeper into a lonely void;

Until at the cliff of death,

You stood.

You screamed,

But none heard;

You cried,

But none cared;

And only then,

Did you realize!

That to yourself and everyone else,

You were none,

But an unknown infidel,

Gaping through the darkness,

With a ton of regrets,

But it was already too late,

The time had been long gone!

All you could do now,

Was lament on fate,

On the cost of just another shot,

Which you paid with death!


                              –Ishaan Phukan


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