Writing of You.


Dear best friend,

I know, you’ve asked me,

So many a times- to write,

Of you.

And I always pretend, like-

I’m just a few words short,

From hittin the perfect spot.

But the fact is,

I rather don’t want to.

Cause, I am scared.


Scared, that someday,

You’d move on. Find,

Better friends.

And we’d lose the connect,

That we’ve always had.

And these verses, would stay:

An aching reminder,

Of our glorious days,

As the memories slowly-

Erode away into tragic oblivion.


And then, one fine day:

I’d look at these lines,

And it’d hit me hard, unexpectedly. That-

There are no tears,

To hold back;

Or moments,

To retrospect,

On. And now,

My worst fears,

Have come into play,

And the lines stay:

As Mere Words.

Black on white. Nothing more.

Nothing less.


That, would be a truly tragic end,

Dear friend.


Hope you understand.





– Ish Aan.



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