New Beginnings.

The Winter Wanes-


Like the Leaves at the Onset-

Of the fall,

Blazing Into Nonexistence,

In a Summery Infero,

Leaving only a Lifeless-

Aborted Body Behind.

Damned to Its Death.

Only To bloom,

Once Again.

In the lap of a Lusty Spring.


All Arranged In Line. Marks the End-

Of a Decade, a Century, an Era.

The Perpetual Cycle of Life.

Life and Death.

The Two Most Wrecked Mysteries,

The Extremes of Emotion.

The Crests and Troughs,

Which, Scripts-


In It’s Undue Course.

A Relentless Saga,

Of Tragic Ends,

And Euphoric Beginnings.

Ish Aan.

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