Superman’s Been Lying.

Man of Steele,
Built to kill;
Born to serve,
Has supers skills;
World to save,
The dangers grave;
But he got the back,
Of human race.
So don’t ya worry,
Take a break;
He gonna keep,
All shit in place.

Cuz he is superman,
The mightiest of the mighty man;
Sets the order,
Works the plan;
Shit goes down,
He gonna take a stand.
Real strong,
Real brave;
Always there to save the day.

But superman’s been lying,
Saying everything’s fine;
Beneath that skin of steel,
There’ a sorrow that he hides.
Trumpin’ all evil-
But it’s the war within,
He can’t fight.
He might be the superman,
The mightiest of the mighty man;
Acts like shit’s all-
Spick and span!
But beneath the calm face,
It’s a mess;
But there ain’t nobody,
To hear his crass.

Cuz expectations are sky high,
“Superheroes aren’t supposed to cry.”
Says who?
I wonder why?
Why can’t he have some,
Alone time?
It is just too much to ask?
For a ear to hear,
His story;
For a hand,
To wipe his tear.
Is it all the cost of his glory,
That he’d forever have to bear?

Does he have to go-
On & on,
On & on;
Actin’ strong,
Like shit’s ain’t all so frigging wrong!

~Ishaan Phukan.

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