By Ishaan.

Hello there,

You may not know me,

But I –

I see you,



The forgettable face in an overcrowded metro.

The introvert in my class,

Whose name I shall never know.

The ignored idealist. 

The strayed believer.

The hopeless lover. 

The pained proletarian.

Yet another unremembered citizen,

Of this little big world.


To defy death.


To leave that indelible mark,

That transcends time.  

Oh, don’t we all? 


Billions came,

And billions left. 

Yet, as the centuries turned,

Never has anyone,

This world, in it’s transient memory, 


Into nonchalance, they all eventually recede. 

Like strangers and one night stands.

Some might linger a little longer,

But it always eventually ends. 

So, cease,

‘O’ faceless maverick. 

Don’t overstrain yourself.

Like every dark night,

Cedes way,

Onto a brighter day. 

I know you too,

Shall find a way,


If there’s one thing,

From my father,

I learn’d,

The clock once pass’d,

Can never be turned. 

Each passing second,

Is a second burn’d. 

So, hold up. 

Grab your breath.


Languish in the grief.

Revel in the glee.

Each passing day,

Is a day, you shall never see


So, Relish,

Don’t Rage. 



Everything sways,

To the tides of change. And-

Even the darkest day,

Is still a day. 

So worry not, ‘O’ maverick,

Everything always falls into place someday. 

I know, you too, 

Like all else,

Shall find your way. 

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