Unintended Utopian






She was a nice girl,

The innocent kind of attractive,

In whose jet black eyes –

One can delve and forget,

Of the moments that whizzed past,

Pretty fast!


The kind,

Who speaks more with looks,

 Than words,

But trust me,

She is quite good,

At whatever she does!


Lost –somewhere deep,

In fairy tales, love stories,

And happy endings;

Someone who didn’t really hate wild make outs,

But, was more,

Into romantic dates and picture perfect weddings.



She wasn’t strikingly hot;

Rather, she fit in more into,

The elegantly beautiful kind of genre;

In whom, you just might,

Rediscover yourself.


And then,

Into the scene,

Enter me.


Well, me –

I was different.

I preferred adventures,

Over fairy tales;

Chose random make outs,

Over romantic dates!

More into guts and butts,

Than I was into faith and trust!


I could never even differentiate,

Between love and lust.


In a world, where –

Everyone wanted a perfect match;

We were, but –

A flawless contrast!



Love was what it was,

Or so we thought,

So, we decided to go on,

Against all odds;

Ignorant –of the stakes,

That we risked losing,

If we ever tend to fall!



It was quite smooth,

Almost magical.

I fell for her eyes,

And that tantalizing smile,

Also the shy smirk,

That you try so hard to curb,

Always failing –miserably so.


I totally loved the conversations,

As she expressed in soft whispers,

And sharp shrills;

Or the way,

She bit her lips,

Pulling up a perplexed poked face,

Trying to fool her jack,

For aces!


Everything was as impeccable,

As a fairytale,

And then…


And then,

Hit the desperate desire,

Creepin’ in,

As in a slow poison,

That seeps into the bloodstream,

Numbing all the senses out!


Her touch,

Began to take me places,

Charging me up,

With sensations,

That I hadn’t felt,

In ages!


My past,

Came crashing on me;

Dragging me back-

To the desires,

That I had buried so deep.


Over time,

My interests changed.

Her curves took priority’

Over her words;

It got harder for her,

 To keep pace with my rush!


To keep myself going,

I lied;

We fought,

She tried –

To set stuff, right.

Yet, it only kept,

Breaking down;

Over and over again!

Driftin’ off a lil’ more,

Every time we did;

Until we were,

Two known strangers,

Trying hard to keep afloat!


And then,

 I let it go!


It did hurt, yes!

But, atleast –

We made it out,



I did have a chance,

As fate made me,

And this Unintended Utopian –meet;

       Yet, I lost the love,

That I intended to keep!

  •                                                                                 – Ishaan Phukan

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