Social Media Emotions


Faithlessly fallin’-

Tumbling downwards,

Sans control,

Into a void of lost hope and tragedy.



Fadin’ in,

And out,

Over and over again;

Into the flickering light,

Of uncertain change.


Looks quite dark,

Doesn’t it?

Atleast that is what I try,

To portray!

For negativity,

Is what they crave,

And their likes,

Is what I need!

This symbiotic affection,

Has surely got me gripped!


These social media emotions,

They are in my head,

Rooted deep,

Into my system!

Slowly –pushing,

Everything out,

Growing on me,

On my thoughts,

And shrinking –my world,

Into a suffocating dungeon!


Filling me in,

With so much of myself,

That it is almost,

Gratifyingly addictive!



I do know,

Of the depressing low that would follow this high,

Pulling me deeper into this puddle,

Of self-obsession;


I can seldom resist,

The desire,

 That tempts me alluringly;

Being to me,

What the calling of the bottle is –

To every alcoholic!


Being irresistibly hooked,

Yet socially accepted,

I can’t even scream for help

Cause nobody ever listens;

So it is only for your sake,

That I voice my call,

Trying desperately to save you,

As I fall!

-Ishaan Phukan



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