‘Yes, am a warrior,

At the dawn of the new age –was I born;

And fighting till the last ounce of my might,

Ahead, onto destiny shall I storm!


I wield my emotions as my armor,

And the weapon of silent ignorance –firmly in my arms do I hold;

Barging ahead onto the line of fire,

               I let yet another legacy unfold.    


In my foresight, lies a battlefield,

Smear’d with a tragedy so tragic an’ cold;

Of men, women and children,

Whose dignity –in dollar a dime were sold!


They ain’t hitting me with bullets,

Oh no! Nor grenades neither swords;

Only mere gossips, rumors an’ small talks,

But trust me, it does hurt a lot!


Sometimes, I do think of hitting back,

Of returning a blow by a blow;

But I do know –an eye for an eye ends up makin’ everyone blind,

So, ne’er will I let myself stoop to standards so low!


Hence, holding my head high with wounded dignity,

And my proud soul, ripped by sarcastic knives,

Wearing each scar as a badge of honor,

Shall I walk this walk of life!

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