Paper Boats

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We met for a moment,

Talked for a minute or so;

She came to me, like a flash,

And as quick as a ripple did she go.


In me, she ignited a spark,

Lighting a lamp of love,

In my lamenting heart;

Pulling me out,

From the solitary dark.


Among the billions,

She was just one;

Except that she lived by the river,

Of her existence,

I knew none.


So, with hope in my heart,

And faith on fate:

I sit by the river side,

Writing letters in loads;

And sailing ‘em down,

 Folded as paper boats.



If she gets ‘em,

Shall my paper boat love be found;

If not, then like a million others,

Into the soul of the mighty river,

Shall the tale of this lovelorn lover drown!


                                         –Ishaan Phukan


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