Love with a stone

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The letters I sent,

Yet lie unanswered to;

Rottin’, outside your door,

Lay the flowers I sent you.


I thought of you as a friend,

And told you my secrets;

But you gossiped ‘em all about,

Leaving me scarred with regrets.


I remember when I first let you know,

The feelings of my heart;

You stood there with your friends, giggling,

As my confidence was ripped apart!


I, now realize,

That am in love with a stone;

And the horror of it,

Chills me to the bone.


But me,

Am a stubborn ass,

Ne’er will I lose my hopes,

To win my beautiful bride.



Cause, maybe,

Sometime, someday, someway;

The tides shall turn,

And my stone-hearted maiden will understand my love.


                                 -Ishaan Phukan

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