I Saw A Dog Hide.


Last Night, Strolling-
In My Solemn Sojourn.
Under the Street Lights,
I Saw a Dog Hide.
Scampering for Cover,
At the First Sight,
Of Human.
I Wonder, Why?
I Wonder,
Of the Fear,
That Lies Inside-
That Stray Soul.
Lying to Myself.Trying-
To Drown in Denial.
The Answer,
To The Question:
Can a Human Heart Really Be So Cold?
Faking My Ignorance. Emboldened-
I March On.
My Loud Strides,
Drown the Dogging Thoughts, But-
Its From the Memories,
In My Mind,
That I Couldn’t Hide.
Warm Nostalgia Flows.
The Bygone Teenage Angst Grows.
I Can’t Feel My Face No More.
I am Back Home. Sipping on Tea Talk,
As my Relative Walks In,
Through the Door.
He talks. On his face, shines-
A Victorious Glow.
‘Just Pour Boiling Water.’
His Solution To Chase A Stray Dog.
Tells Me, ‘That’s How You Teach ’em a Lesson.’
So That the Stray Knows,
Not to Mess With Him No More.
My Patience Hits the Floor.
Adolescent Me Wasn’t As Kiddish,
Imagining His Scalding Soul- Steeped,
In the Same Water He Had Poured.
I Could Feel My Sadist Self Show.
I Remember Saying It Out Loud,
Oh! I Was So Damn Proud.
And ‘Snap’.
I was back to being,
A 19 year old,
Out on an Evening Stoll.
On My Fearless Soul.
I Was Still Seething Within,
But I Had Lost My Bold;
The Raging Fire
Had Gone Cold.
“Someone Else Can Raise Their Voice.”
I Whispered to My Soul,
As I Made Another Clichè Humanly Choice,
Moving On.
And Like Ever Other Theist,
Blaming Everything At God.
I Dissolved My Conscience,
In An Adulterated Social Solution,
I Took The Next Metro Home.

                                – Ish.

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