Eye Game



Let’s not talk today;
For a change,

You know, everyone’s shifting shades recently,
And those faces have begun to change with every turn;
So, forgive me for asking,
But, How deep does your love run?

Does the glimpse of my cleavage,
Satiate your thirst,
Or do you yearn,
To peek deeper?

Do your eyes stop,
At the hemline of my shorts;
Or the desire to delve into forbidden territory,
Still persist?

Don’t use words to mend my broken heart,
Please don’t dare try;
For I am too fed up,
Of your sweet white lies.

You know, they told me,
You have got dangerous eyes;
And, I only thought of myself as a vixen,
Expecting myself to dance into your melody,
And still survive.

this was the best mistake I’ve made;






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